Quranic Foods

Quranic Foods
Quranic Food

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Quranic Foods

We believe in Islam as a way of life and therefore strive to present our view to mankind as a whole. - We address individuals and communities based on their needs and aspirations. - We make every effort to convey the shared values and high moral standards, while calling for due respect of each other. - We believe our success is inspired by our deep rooted conviction in Islam. - We stand ready to reach out to people globally to interact with those who incline towards good deeds and moral excellence.

Quran food  was chosen as our name because of its high-profile mission which is to act as a guiding light to mankind and to help Muslims and non Muslims  have a better understanding of Islamic foods from a Quranic verses stand point and health. Quran mentions certain foods to be above in Quality and our Restaurant only adopts them as a way of healthy life.

Quran food restaurant offers a high nutrition delicious food experience key to optimal health.We serve more then just delicious food and deserts, we provide a religious experience with foods mentioned in Quran essential for a healthier life.Walk through our front door and you will experience an emotional connection and a journey that returns us to the source of pleasure. After all these are not our words they are Allah's words of wisdom and specialized knowledge. Our menu only offers food mentioned in the Quran and beneficial to all humans.

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